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Tuesday, 25 October 2011




20 days to go ???
10 days to go ??
uppppsssssssss. no....
just another 5  days to go.

i'm feeling super stressed right now
try to study smart enough

have u ever thought u want to keep learning something but
u really HATE the exam ?
well. u're in the same shoe wif me
= ='

its never too late
there are some simple tips for tackling the exam and getting the good results :D

It’s never too late to prepare 

1. Don’t cram the night before – this means no all-night study sessions! The brain needs sleep to recover and prepare for the next day. Plus, you don’t want to be falling asleep in the exam. If you are going to study the night before an exam, keep it to reviewing your notes and go to bed before 10pm.
2. Mindmap your thoughts – for some people, a mind map is a very useful tool. Can you put all your thoughts for an exam on one page? Start with the topic or subject in the centre. Then, add branches to the major sections of that subject. From all the sections, add branches to all the details you need to remember. After studying the topic, you should be able to complete a mindmap without referring to your notes!
3. Compact your study notes to one A4 page – having pages and pages of notes for each of your subjects can make it hard to actually absorb the information. Start with all your notes, and see if you can get it down to one A4 page for each subject. Smaller chunks of information will be easier to remember come exam time!
4. Different locations for different activities: change the environment to suit different activities. For example, if your bedroom has a TV, computer and games, it’ll be hard for that to switch to a serious environment when you have to study. Perhaps the library becomes your ‘work’ place, keeping home and your room for relaxing. Perhaps your bedroom becomes the work space, and the living room the place you can relax.

Make time for relaxing

1. Take a break from study – Make sure you have plenty of breaks when you study. Get up every hour, and go for a walk around the house. Or make time to spend with your friends as a reward for all your study. It can also be beneficial to change your study location to keep yourself feeling refreshed, such as moving from your desk to the floor, or from home to the library.
2. Reward yourself after each exam – After each exam, give yourself a little bit of time to relax. Even if you have another exam the next day, take a break and reward yourself. This could be something as simple as spending some time with friends or doing something you love. This will help you feel refreshed to prepare for the next exam. 

p/s: wish me luck :)

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